Best Publication Award 2022 of the Swiss Society of Hypertension

Best Publication Award 2022 of the Swiss Society of Hypertension

Date de publication: 11.01.2023
Bull Med Suisses. 2023;103(0102):21

The Swiss Society of Hypertension (SSH) has the privilege to announce the 2nd publication award of the SSH. The prize will be awarded to the three best publications in the field of human hypertension. The prize is supported by a generous grant from Servier.

1st prize: 5000 CHF

2nd prize: 3000 CHF

3rd prize: 2000 CHF


The published work has to be published in a peer-reviewed journal between 01.01.2022 and 31.12.2022.

The published work must have been conducted mainly in Switzerland.

Clinical and basic research are eligible, provided that the results have an impact on patient care.

The applicant has to be the first author of the publication.

Young applicants <45 years old are encouraged.

The winners are expected to present their work at the annual meeting of the SSH (five-minute presentation).

Deadline for applications: 31.01.2023

The applications should include the published work, a short description of the significance of the work, a CV of the applicant.

The documents have to be sent by mail at: info[at]

The jury is composed of members of the SSH. Selection will be based on scientific (originality, methodology) and clinical excellence.

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