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Swiss Heart Foundation

Date de publication: 14.11.2018
Bull Med Suisses. 2018;99(46):1616

Swiss Heart Foundation

Research Prize 2019

The Swiss Heart Foundation awards an annual prize of 20,000 CHF for one or several outstanding publications / accepted manuscripts of scientific research in the field of prevention, diagnosis and/or treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Swiss researchers or research teams working in Switzerland or abroad as well as foreign researchers working in Switzerland are entitled to participate. The age limit is 45 years at the time of application. Previous prize winners are not eligible for the prize. In addition, scientific publications, which have already been awarded or elected for another prize, are not eligible. The prize winner will be chosen by the Research Committee of the Swiss Heart Foundation. For further informations and detailed rules see

Applications should be submitted by 31st December 2018 (date of postmark) by post (one copy) as well as by e-mail with:

– one signed accompanying letter

– the publication(s) / accepted manuscript(s) to be considered

– list of references

– brief Curriculum Vitae (max. 1 page)

– summary of your scientific work (2 pages)

Swiss Heart Foundation 
Research Committee 
Dufourstrasse 30 
P.O. Box 368 
3000 Bern 14 
Phone: 031 388 80 80 
Fax: 031 388 80 88 
E-Mail: research[at]

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