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Award of the Swiss Society of Hypertension 2018

DOI: https://doi.org/10.4414/bms.2017.05829
Date de publication: 12.07.2017
Bull Med Suisses. 2017;98(2829):903

Swiss Society of Hypertension

Award of the Swiss Society of Hypertension 2018

Development of a smartphone app for the better management of hypertension and associated risk factors.

Value: 25 000 CHF

Aim: to develop an interactive application for smartphones and tablets, which should be dynamic and evolving and help for the better treatment and management of high blood pressure. The app is dedicated to patients.

Information: The expected framework and anticipated possibilities of the app can 
be checked at www.swisshypertension.ch (grants/research tab).

Deadline for submission: 31.12.2017

Contact: info[at]swisshypertension.ch

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